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In order to ensure customer satisfaction ClearSphere operates to ISO 9001:2000. All employees receive training to ensure that they can fully comply with the QMS requirements and provide the necessary level of service to customers.

ClearSphere assures quality from the start and the correct turnkey solution to its clients’ cleanroom, laboratory and containment requirements by basing its work on a comprehensive Statement of Customer Requirements.

This inclusive statement forms the basis of the solution, design and quotation that ClearSphere’s Client Relationship Manager manages and presents to the client.

Once ClearSphere and its client have agreed commercial terms, the Project Manager takes over the work and manages the project through logistics and installation to documentation and qualification.

A typical Statement of Customer Requirements covers:

  • Clients Key Objectives
  • Location
  • Budget and Timeline
  • Process and Workflow
  • Cleanroom or Containment Requirements
    • Process & Product Regulation
    • Product or Operator protection
    • Protection Levels
    • cGMP Performance
    • Fire Regulations
    • Access Physical Measurements
    • Classification Zones and Pressure Profiles
    • Cleanroom Options (Walls, ceilings, etc.)
    • Standard Cleanroom Products (Furniture, equipment, etc.)
  • Mechanical and Electrical services
  • Validation & Maintenance protocols and service


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